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$21 Frugal Living Food Challenge – Can You Do it?

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Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown

Can you feed your family for just $21 for a whole week?  It’s a lot easier than you might think!  And it’s as close as your pantry!  As saving money tips go, this one’s a real winner.

The $21 Challenge, which originated from a member posting on the popular Simple Savings website, has become somewhat of a phenomenon throughout Australia and New Zealand.  The idea is, to make use of everything you have stashed in your pantry and your freezer – limiting your purchases to under $21.

Having just looked in my pantry and freezer and seeing the amount of rice and Continental / Maggi recipe bases not to mention the chicken breasts I’ve bought in bulk and squirreled away a couple of months ago – I reckon I could do it for at least a fortnight!

Even if you choose not to take up the exacting discipline of the $21 Challenge (really, it’s not that hard!) – you could make this month a “Pantry Buster”.  That is, go through your pantry checking the use by/best before dates of all the products in the pantry and anything that is close to it’s “use by”, plan to use it this month.

I literally hang my head in shame at the amount of food that my partner and I have had to throw out because it past it’s use by date without us ever rummaging behind the sauce to find it.    And I didn’t dare even try to calculate the amount of money that we were throwing away in the process.

So, are you ready to face reality?  Do you have what it takes to take on your Pantry and win?

If you would like the details of the $21 Challenge and all the tips and encouragement you could ever need to go along with it, you can check it out at the Simple Savings website on

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