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KiwiSaver & Saving

Pay Off Debt Or Save?

Pay Off Debt Or Save?
Should you pay off your debt faster or start saving now? As a rule, it makes sense to try to pay back your loans as fast as possible before you start saving – particularly if you have high interest debt like hire purchase or credit cards.

KiwiSaver Funds And Schemes

Here you can find out which organisations provide KiwiSaver schemes for each risk profile:

Key Questions About KiwiSaver

Get the answers to some key questions about KiwiSaver:  

Key Features Of KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is a government savings scheme designed to help New Zealanders save for their retirement.  

21 Strategies for Creating an Emergency Fund, and Why It’s Critical

By Leo Babauta Building up an emergency fund, if you haven’t already, is one of the most important things you can do to help your finances. But you knew that.

Combining Kids And KiwiSaver

Every New Zealander under 65 will benefit from joining KiwiSaver, including newborns. But the rules - and how to make the most of them - are different for children, and many readers have questions about that. Here are a couple:

Ins And Outs Of The KiwiSaver Tax Credit

Judging by readers' questions, confusion reigns about the government's KiwiSaver tax credits, which match members' contributions up to $20 a week or $1042.86 a year.

Michael Cullen's Video Guide To KiwiSaver

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