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Are You Too Focused On Buying Property?

It’s Saturday and I’m sitting in a room of around 150 people all eager to learn how to improve their financial position. It takes a lot of commitment to be in a seminar room at 8.30am on the weekend and spend the entire day learning. I have spent many a weekend and evening attending similar events over the years.

What I found interesting is how many seemed to be so singularly focused on acquiring properties without giving some thought to what it actually means to them – everyone just wants to rush in and buy. I was the first presenter of the day talking about the importance of getting your financial foundations strong and robust. I’ve seen so many people come a cropper, especially in the last few years, because they didn’t spend enough time on the basics and building the right foundations.

The second speaker Keith Mason spoke on money beliefs. It was really interesting to watch the faces of the audience as he delivered his presentation. He held them spellbound as he pointed out many insights about themselves that you could tell had never even crossed their minds.

He talked about our lives being a bit like an iceberg. The bit on top of the water is what you see and that’s what many of us spend time managing and operating from. However the part of the iceberg under the water, the biggest part which is our subconscious, is what really drives us. This is the part that we know the least about and what can really sabotage our ability to get ahead.

It was great to see a property seminar company inviting speakers along who can help people learn about how to take a more holistic approach to building their wealth. I totally agree with Kieran Trass’ recent comments in the media about the numbers of property educators who are far more interested in lining their own pockets with mentoring fees that a genuine interest in helping educating people.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is – after all if investing was so easy the average financial net worth of kiwis would be a lot higher than it is.

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