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Eight Rules For Sorted Investing

Eight Rules For Sorted Investing
Before you leap into any investment decision, there are some important rules you should follow: 1. Set your goals

Guide to Emotion-Free Investing

Most people assume that when it comes to investing, the best thing to do is take a rational, unbiased point of view that doesn’t take feelings into account whatsoever.  But is this true?  Or are there benefits to giving in to those urges to buy and sell when the logical viewpoint is the opposite

Guide To The Advantages Of Investing Overseas

Many New Zealanders feel that they would rather stick close to home and invest in companies based in New Zealand.  Besides, it’s more work to research shares in foreign companies, and don’t you have to pay more taxes on shares held in international companies, anyway?  

Getting A Bargain On Your Savings

Paying Your Investment Adviser

See it in context It's important to know how your financial adviser gets paid, and the impact that can have on the advice you're getting. Knowing how they're paid helps you see their advice in context.

Questions For Your Investment Adviser

Advisers are required to tell you what fees they receive but these don’t cover all the fees associated with a product (such as monitoring, administration and trustee fees). Before you sign anything, make sure you know what fees you’ll pay. An easy way

Guide To Understanding Your Investment Options

Understanding the product range

Working Out Your Investment Profile

Your investment profile will help you work out the type of investment you should consider.   There are four factors in your investment profile:

Guide To Investment Statements


Where Can I Get Information About Investments?

Guide To Managed Funds

Money from individual investors is pooled and invested by a fund manager.

Guide To Shares

Guide To Fixed Interest Securities

What Is My Personal Financial Situation, And Why Is It Important?

The aim of investing is to put your money to work now to make money to pay for the things you want to do later e.g. retire, travel, buy a

How Does The Law Help Investors In New Zealand?

New Zealand has laws that regulate the way investments are offered to people. The laws are not designed to protect investors against

Should I Consider Putting Money Into More Than One Investment?

Putting all your money into just one investment breaks an age-old rule of investment - "don't put all your eggs in one basket".

What Does Risk Have To Do With Investing?

Every investment has risk. Risk is the chance that an investment will not be as good as you expected or were promised.

Direct Share Holding Often Not The Best Way

A sentence in a recent speech by Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard caught my eye. "New Zealanders invest about twice as much in equities (shares) directly compared with managed funds," he said.

When You Want To Stay But The Company Goes

The best laid plans of investors often go awry (to paraphrase and Anglicise Robert Burns). A reader has made "an amused comment" about my recent statement that we should always buy shares with the intention of holding them for at least 10 years.

Gearing Can Boost Returns, But Also Risk

Gearing - which happens when you borrow to invest - comes at a price. And I'm not only talking about interest. While gearing makes a good investment better, it also makes a bad investment worse. People who gear boost their risk.

Rental Property Tax Breaks Don't Amount To Much

I don't get it. Politicians and economists have been complaining that rental property has tax advantages over shares. It's hardly a new claim. But what are these advantages - beyond depreciation, which is vastly overrated? Let's look at four categories:

Higher Returns Don't Matter For The Short Term - They Need Time To Work Their Magic

There's more than one reason behind the old investment message that goes like this: If you need your money in just a few years invest your savings conservatively, but if you have a longer horizon take more risk.

Are You Too Focused On Buying Property?

Are You Too Focused On Buying Property?
It’s Saturday and I’m sitting in a room of around 150 people all eager to learn how to improve their financial position. It takes a lot of commitment to be in a seminar room at 8.30am on the weekend and spend the entire day learning.

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