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frugal living

Saving Money on Meals – Meat-Free Week

If you take a look at your weekly grocery docket from the supermarket and add up the price of your meat purchases, chances are (assuming you’re not a vegetarian) it comes to a significant amount – in fact, depending on the size of your family, you could be looking at around $50-60 per week (or m

Frugal Living – Power in Numbers

If saving money or the idea of frugal living is new to you and you’re just starting out on your quest for a more profitable way of life – you may feel as though you’re the only Frugal McDougall on the planet.  Rest assured you are not.  As always the power of the internet can bring you in co

Saving Money On Books – The World’s Cheapest Books

Before we get started, I want you to walk over to your bookshelf or shelves and take a good look.   How many books are there?   How many of them have you read or referred to in the past 6 months, or even the past year.   Grab one at random and flip over to the back cover – does it still have

Saving Money - Knowing Your Habits

Ever heard the saying, “Watch your pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.”?  Most of us fritter away our money in many different places – it doesn’t go in large lump sums (although it can) - it disappears quietly with that $5 cup of coffee on the way to work, a snack from the

Feeding The Family For Less (Making The Most Out Of Mince)

Aah, mince – it has long been one of the more economical choices in the meat section - an old favourite with families who are on a monetary diet.    Luckily, it’s also probably one, if not THE, most versatile sources of protein from your supermarket’s butchery.

Saving on Electrical Goods – The Easy Way

Here is the one step, no hassle, works-every-time way to save on electrical goods.  Are you ready?
The easy way to save money on electrical goods is...drum roll please....ASK.

It’s that diabolically simple.

Zero Dollar Christmas Gifts

When I stand in the queue at my local supermarket, I’m amazed at just how many people say “No” when the operator prompts them for a Flybuys card.   Flybuys = Zero Dollar Christmas Gifts!   

Let Us Save You Money on your Food Bill

For starters, “let us” save you on lettuce!  OK, apologies for the poor pun.  But while we’re on bad jokes, you’d have to agree the price on a simple lettuce is not very funny either.  The shelf price on lettuce in NZ has risen by over a dollar in 12 months and the price of a bag of “go

Adorable, Affordable Christmas Gifts Under $20

The number one rule of gift shopping on a budget is SHOP EARLY.    The closer you get to Christmas, the less time you have, the more desperate you become and the more likely you are to blow your budget on something, ANYTHING that will cross one more name off your list.    I know, becaus

The Zen of Frugal Living

The Zen of Frugal Living
Let’s try a little word association.

How to save money and live more frugally

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