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frugal living

Saving Money On Entertainment – Be Your Own

Frugal living shouldn’t mean locking yourself at home with the lights off (unless of course that’s your thing).   As with most things “frugal”, all it takes to save money on entertainment is a little time and just the smallest effort.

New Years Resolutions – How Much Money Will You Save This Year?

Although I’m not really one for New Years resolutions, it does seem an appropriate time to ask “Do I want to be in a better position financially this time next year?”   If your answer is yes, chances are that will mean making some better/different choices.    What are you prepared to do t

Saving Money on Gifts – Is Re-Gifting Morally Bankrupt?

 Saving Money on Gifts – Is Re-Gifting Morally Bankrupt?
Re-gifting, the act of taking a gift that has been given to yourself, rewrapping and giving it to another.   It’s been the subject of many a sitcom and novelty holiday news item in the past few years.    But for those who have taken a vow of frugal living the question remains, is it a valid a

Saving Money On Insurance Premiums

There doesn’t seem to be much point in making the switch to frugal living and implementing money saving tips that will save you a few dollars here and there, if you don’t examine your larger “fixed” outgoings like insurance that could save you hundreds of dollars in one foul swoop!

Beware The Post-Christmas Sales

It would seem to make sense that one of the premises of frugal living and saving money is “wait until it’s on sale”.  Post-Christmas is the perfect time (well the only time really) that you should buy your decorations, wrapping, gift tags and bon bons ready for next year.  For those of us wh

Saving Money on Mulch - Classified Information

One of the keys to frugal living is thinking outside the square and looking for different paths and alternative options to arrive at your goals with more money left in your pocket.

Saving Money On Last Minute Christmas Presents

With Christmas now just days away, if you haven’t done all your present shopping yet, you may be starting to get a little edgy.  You’re entering the danger zone where panic can set in, your gift budget goes out the window and you’re willing to pay anything just to get those last few names tic

Saving Money on Postage – Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to saving money on mailing Christmas presents, Santa has got the right idea – he puts all his presents in a sack – and if you want to save money on postage so should you.

Saving Money in the Kitchen

I recently embarked on a diet that involved a lot of protein, consequently I was making myself a one egg omelette every morning for breakfast (talk about “frugal living” – this diet was particularly frugal on the variety).  Using our large frypan for this meagre meal seemed a little ridiculou

Saving Money – Changing your Spending Habits

Changing your spending habits, just like changing any habit, can be difficult – maybe even painful.  Ultimately though, just how difficult and just how painful will be up to you.

How to save money and live more frugally

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