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Diners Club

Credit cards issued by this institution

Since 1960, Diners Club New Zealand has developed a growing portfolio of successful card programmes that provide valuable services to both Business and Personal Cardmembers in New Zealand.

Our commitment is to bring you not only financial convenience, but also the prestige of an internationally renowned Card for the affluent individual. As a result, you can choose a Card that is synonymous with Confidence, Control and Comfort.

Who better to offer you a credit or charge card than the people who invented them?

Diners Club Founder Frank McNamara first introduced the original charge card back in 1950. Since then we’ve grown and added a few services to our line-up, but our premise is still the same – providing the best Card product for our cardmembers.

Diners Club is not a Bank, so we certainly won’t treat you like just a number. And being a specialised card provider means that we can focus on doing what we do best, which is cards.

We are all about convenience; you can enjoy interest free credit on purchases or access instant cash via worldwide ATMs should any unexpected circumstances arise.

We are accepted worldwide in millions of locations throughout over 200 countries. You’ll find us anywhere you want to be.

Card nameCard typePurchase rateCash Adv. RateApply
Diners Club Personal Credit Card with Club RewardsCredit19.95%21.95%
Diners Club Personal Credit CardCredit19.95%21.95%
Diners Club Personal Charge Card Charge
Diners Club Personal Charge Card with Club RewardsCharge

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