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Compare Credit Cards

Compare credit card deals and save money!

Our FREE, independent and easy-to-use comparison tool helps find the deal that best suits your needs.

Whether you want interest-free days, zero annual fee or a great rewards programme, you can now compare every credit card deal on offer in New Zealand in seconds.

Just select the type of card and key features you want and the interactive table lists the best deals. When you find the one you want, simply click through to apply for the card.

Card TypeCard IssuerCard StatusFeatures
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CompareInstitutionProduct NameIssuerPurchase RateAnnual FeeApply
American Express Air New Zealand Platinum CardAmerican Express Air New Zealand Platinum CardAmex19.95%$395
American Express Gold Charge CardAmerican Express Gold Charge CardAmex$95
American Express Gold Charge Card with Membership RewardsAmerican Express Gold Charge Card with Membership RewardsAmex$145
American Express Gold Credit Card American Express Gold Credit Card Amex19.95%$90
American Express Gold Credit Card with Membership RewardsAmerican Express Gold Credit Card with Membership RewardsAmex19.95%$140
American Express Personal Charge CardAmerican Express Personal Charge CardAmex$55
American Express Personal Charge Card with Membership RewardsAmerican Express Personal Charge Card with Membership RewardsAmex$105
American Express Platinum Charge CardAmerican Express Platinum Charge CardAmex$1250
American Express Platinum Membership Rewards Credit CardAmerican Express Platinum Membership Rewards Credit CardAmex19.95%$325
ANZ Airpoints Platinum VisaANZ Airpoints Platinum VisaVisa19.95%$150
ANZ Airpoints VisaANZ Airpoints VisaVisa19.95%$65
ANZ Gold MasterCardANZ Gold MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$80
ANZ Gold VisaANZ Gold VisaVisa19.95%$80
ANZ Low Rate MasterCardANZ Low Rate MasterCardMasterCard13.9%$58
ANZ MasterCardANZ MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$25
ANZ VisaANZ VisaVisa19.95%$25
ANZ World Platinum VisaANZ World Platinum VisaVisa19.95%$150
ANZ World VisaANZ World VisaVisa19.95%$65
ASB Gold MasterCardASB Gold MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$80
ASB Gold MasterCard with True RewardsASB Gold MasterCard with True RewardsMasterCard19.95%$100
ASB Gold VisaASB Gold VisaVisa19.95%$80
ASB Gold Visa with True RewardsASB Gold Visa with True RewardsVisa19.95%$100
ASB Low Interest MasterCardASB Low Interest MasterCardMasterCard12.5%$60
ASB Low Interest MasterCard with True RewardsASB Low Interest MasterCard with True RewardsMasterCard14.95%$90
ASB MastercardASB MastercardMasterCard19.95%$24
ASB Mastercard with True RewardsASB Mastercard with True RewardsMasterCard19.95%$44
ASB Personalised Visa DebitASB Personalised Visa DebitVisa$20
ASB Platinum VisaASB Platinum VisaVisa18.95%$170
ASB Platinum Visa with True RewardsASB Platinum Visa with True RewardsVisa18.95%$190
ASB VisaASB VisaVisa19.95%$24
ASB Visa DebitASB Visa DebitVisa$10
ASB Visa with True RewardsASB Visa with True RewardsVisa19.95%$44
BankDirect Classic VisaBankDirect Classic VisaVisa19.5%$20
BankDirect Gold VisaBankDirect Gold VisaVisa19.5%$50
BankDirect Low Interest VisaBankDirect Low Interest VisaVisa11.95%$60
BNZ All Blacks MasterCardBNZ All Blacks MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$47.88
BNZ Classic Everyday American ExpressBNZ Classic Everyday American ExpressAmex19.95%$30
BNZ Classic Everyday MasterCardBNZ Classic Everyday MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$30
BNZ Classic Everyday VisaBNZ Classic Everyday VisaVisa19.95%$30
BNZ GlobalPlus American ExpressBNZ GlobalPlus American ExpressAmex19.95%$55
BNZ GlobalPlus Gold American ExpressBNZ GlobalPlus Gold American ExpressAmex19.95%$105
BNZ GlobalPlus Gold MasterCardBNZ GlobalPlus Gold MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$105
BNZ GlobalPlus Gold VisaBNZ GlobalPlus Gold VisaVisa19.95%$105
BNZ GlobalPlus MasterCardBNZ GlobalPlus MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$55
BNZ GlobalPlus Platinum VisaBNZ GlobalPlus Platinum VisaVisa15.45%$200
BNZ GlobalPlus VisaBNZ GlobalPlus VisaVisa19.95%$55
BNZ Gold Everyday American ExpressBNZ Gold Everyday American ExpressAmex19.95%$80
BNZ Gold Everyday MasterCardBNZ Gold Everyday MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$80
BNZ Gold Everyday VisaBNZ Gold Everyday VisaVisa19.95%$80
BNZ Lite VisaBNZ Lite VisaVisa13.25%$60
BNZ Platinum VisaBNZ Platinum VisaVisa15.95%$175
Diners Club Personal Charge Card Diners Club Personal Charge Card Diners$68
Diners Club Personal Charge Card with Club RewardsDiners Club Personal Charge Card with Club RewardsDiners$98
Diners Club Personal Credit CardDiners Club Personal Credit CardDiners19.95%$68
Diners Club Personal Credit Card with Club RewardsDiners Club Personal Credit Card with Club RewardsDiners19.95%$98
HSBC Gold American ExpressHSBC Gold American ExpressAmex19.95%$90
HSBC Gold American Express with Membership RewardsHSBC Gold American Express with Membership RewardsAmex19.95%$140
HSBC Platinum American ExpressHSBC Platinum American ExpressAmex19.95%$325
Kiwibank Go Fly Gold MasterCardKiwibank Go Fly Gold MasterCardMasterCard18.9%$98
Kiwibank Go Fly Platinum MasterCardKiwibank Go Fly Platinum MasterCardMasterCard18.9%$130
Kiwibank Go Fly Standard MastercardKiwibank Go Fly Standard MastercardMasterCard18.9%$56
Kiwibank Gold MasterCardKiwibank Gold MasterCardMasterCard16.9%$80
Kiwibank Low Rate MasterCard Kiwibank Low Rate MasterCard MasterCard12.9%$50
Kiwibank Visa Debit CardKiwibank Visa Debit CardVisa$10
Kiwibank Zero MasterCardKiwibank Zero MasterCardMasterCard15.9%$0
National Bank Classic VisaNational Bank Classic VisaVisa19.95%$25
National Bank Freestyle MasterCardNational Bank Freestyle MasterCardMasterCard16.5%$0
National Bank Gold Thoroughbred MasterCardNational Bank Gold Thoroughbred MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$95
National Bank Gold Thoroughbred VisaNational Bank Gold Thoroughbred VisaVisa19.95%$95
National Bank Gold VisaNational Bank Gold VisaVisa19.95%$75
National Bank Low Interest VisaNational Bank Low Interest VisaVisa13.9%$78
National Bank Platinum VisaNational Bank Platinum VisaVisa18.95%$195
National Bank Thoroughbred MasterCardNational Bank Thoroughbred MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$45
National Bank Thoroughbred VisaNational Bank Thoroughbred VisaVisa19.95%$45
National Bank Visa DebitNational Bank Visa DebitVisa$10
The Warehouse Low Interest MasterCardThe Warehouse Low Interest MasterCardMasterCard12.9%$65
The Warehouse Rewards MasterCardThe Warehouse Rewards MasterCardMasterCard19.8%$34
TSB Bank VisaTSB Bank VisaVisa15.5%$18
Westpac Debitplus VisaWestpac Debitplus VisaVisa$10
Westpac Gold MasterCardWestpac Gold MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$70
Westpac Gold MasterCard with Hot PointsWestpac Gold MasterCard with Hot PointsMasterCard19.95%$100
Westpac Gold VisaWestpac Gold VisaVisa19.95%$70
Westpac Gold Visa with Hot PointsWestpac Gold Visa with Hot PointsVisa19.95%$100
Westpac Low Interest MasterCardWestpac Low Interest MasterCardMasterCard12.95%$65
Westpac MasterCardWestpac MasterCardMasterCard19.95%$29
Westpac MasterCard with Hot PointsWestpac MasterCard with Hot PointsMasterCard19.95%$44
Westpac Titanium MasterCardWestpac Titanium MasterCardMasterCard15.65%$290
Westpac VisaWestpac VisaVisa19.95%$29
Westpac Visa with Hot PointsWestpac Visa with Hot PointsVisa19.95%$44

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