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Michael Cullen

Legislation Needed To Fix KiwiSaver Glitch

The Government says it will move to fix mistake in the KiwiSaver legislation which makes it less generous than intended.

KiwiSaver Survey Shows Employers Still In Dark

Wellington, June 25 NZPA - With only a week to go before the nationwide introduction of Kiwisaver, a survey has shown more than half of the country's employers still feel they need more information on the scheme.

Michael Cullen's Video Guide To KiwiSaver

Property Funds, Accountants Welcome Tax Moves

Wellington, Dec 13 NZPA - Listed property trust and tax consultants welcomed changes or mooted changes to the tax system, saying they would level the playing field for investors and companies offshore.

Government Business Tax Document Labelled "Timid"

By Catherine Harris of NZPA Wellington, July 25 NZPA - Tax experts and critics of the Government have called a discussion document on business tax changes "timid" and "disappointing".

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