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Leo Babauta

How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck

By Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta: How I Save Money

I think I’m a fairly frugal person. I haven’t always been this way, and it’s taken years of simplifying and cutting back on little things, one at a time. And while there are definitely many more things I can scrimp and save on, I’m proud of how far I’ve come already. Here’s how

Eliminate Debt With The Snowball

By Leo Babauta

Monitor Your Impulse Spending Urges

By Leo Babauta Do you have a problem with impulse spending? If so, the first step to controlling it is monitoring your urges. Make it a goal to monitor and track your spending urges over the next week or two.

Financial Zen: How To Get Financial Peace Of Mind

By Leo Babauta

50 Ways To Be Romantic On The Cheap

By Leo Babauta

73 Great Debt Elimination Tips

By Leo Babauta Last week, I asked you all to give me your best advice for getting out of debt. And boy, did you deliver. More than 70 of you chimed in with some amazing advice, and shared your success stories, and shared your failures. It was overwhelming, and I applaud you all.

20 Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Finances

20 Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Finances
By Leo Babauta "Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons." Woody Allen

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