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Alan Bollard

How Significant Is Dr Bollard's Use Of The Word `Significant'?

By Michael Daly of NZPA Wellington, April 24 NZPA - Just how significant is the word "significant"?

RB Leaves Rates Unchanged But Bollard's Stance Seen As Softer

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard left official interest rates unchanged today as expected, but his statement was seen as a softening of his hardline anti-inflation stance as he acknowledged the economy had slowed faster than anticipated.

OCR Left Unchanged Despite Economy Slowing Faster Than Expected

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard has left the official cash rate (OCR) unchanged at 8.25 percent, as widely predicted, while acknowledging the economy has slowed faster than he expected.

NZ Dollar Spikes To 4-wk High Against Greenback Ahead Of OCR

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar spiked up to a four-week high against the greenback late last night ahead of the Reserve Bank's review of official interest rates at 9am today.

Kiwi Hemmed In By Corporate Selling

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NZ Dollar Remains Buoyant After Strong GDP Data

Wellington, March 28 NZPA - The NZ dollar held firmed a tad today to end the week firmly ensconsed above US80C. It closed on US80.42c against its US80.37c opening and US80.50c at the same time yesterday. It traded as high as US80.66c.

Govt Urged To Reconsider Timing Of Emissions Scheme

The Government is being urged to reconsider the timing of its emissions trading scheme as the world economy comes under increasing stress. Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard has warned that the scheme will add to inflationary pressures in this country next year.

Direct Share Holding Often Not The Best Way

A sentence in a recent speech by Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard caught my eye. "New Zealanders invest about twice as much in equities (shares) directly compared with managed funds," he said.

Borrowing Is Not All Bad - It Depends Why We Borrow

Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard has been telling us off because we keep raising our mortgage debt. But, from the individual's point of view, how bad is that? It depends on why we borrow. New Zealanders' mortgage debt rose a rapid 16 per cent in the year ending September.

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