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New Zealand Superannuation Fund

National Blames Labour For Creating A Decade Of Deficits

National Leader John Key says Finance Minister Michael Cullen must take responsibility for the state of the books, but Prime Minister Helen Clark says Labour is the right party to guide New Zealand through the economic storm.

Economic Woes Lead To Nats Bringing Forward Tax Plan

The ongoing credit crisis threatening to seriously hit the world economy has led to National bringing forward its tax cut policy announcement to next week.

NZ Superfund Posts Negative Return

Wellington, Sept 29 NZPA - New Zealand Superannuation Fund went backwards by 4.92 percent in the year to June 30 because some of its international equity managers underperformed benchmarks and also because it built up a stake in Auckland International Airport.

NZ Superfund Reports Negative Performance

Wellington, Sept 29 NZPA - New Zealand Superannuation Fund, known as the Cullen Fund, reported a negative 4.92 percent return in the year to June 30.

Government Super Fund Records Deficit

Wellington, Sept 26 NZPA - The Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) has recorded an after-tax deficit of $260.9 million in the year to June 30, which it puts down to falling share markets. The deficit represents a minus 6.7 percent return on average assets.

NZ Super Fund Not Critically Exposed, Says Orr

Wellington, Sept 24 NZPA - The New Zealand Superannuation Fund says it is living in dramatic and unsettling financial times, but it will resist any knee-jerk reactions.

HBOS Loaned About $3b To NZ Businesses

Wellington, Sept 19 NZPA - British bank HBOS, which became another casualty of the credit crisis, has loaned about $3 billion to New Zealand businesses. Struggling HBOS is Britain's biggest mortgage lender and the owner of banks including Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

Cool Response To Fund Push For Structural Separation Of Telecom

Wellington, Aug 12 NZPA - United States hedge fund Elliott International's promotion of the structural separation of Telecom has been met with a cool response.

Telecom Says Has Decided Against Elliott's Ideas

Wellington, Aug 11 NZPA - Telecom said thanks for your interest but no thanks to your ideas to a US hedge fund that has put two names forward for election to the company's board.

Telecom Shareholder Nominates Two Candidates For Director

Wellington, Aug 11 NZPA - A United States-based private investment firm with a stake of around 3 percent in Telecom is nominating two candidates to stand for election as directors of Telecom.

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