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House of Commons

Peter Wilson: What Goes Round Comes Round

Peter Wilson: What Goes Round Comes Round
So the Brits have landed themselves with a hung parliament. Excellent. Maybe those commentators who heaped derision on New Zealand in 1996 will remember their words. The probably won't, but it's gratifying all the same.

Peter Wilson: MPs Allowances Must Be Seen To Be Fair

Few things annoy MPs more than the media poking its nose into their expenses, and there are few issues with so many grey areas to poke into.

Chris Ford: Parliamentary Bad Boy Behaviour Not On - Time For Parliamentary Standards Commissioner

'Bad boys, bad boys, what 'ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?'

That is the well known reggae-style theme to the popular reality trash TV show 'Cops'. Perhaps it could be better applied to our current Parliament where bad boy behaviour has come to the fore again lately.

Peter Wilson: Beneficiary Bashing Is Off The Agenda

One sure thing that will come from the uproar over MPs expenses is that none of them are likely to criticise beneficiaries in the foreseeable future.

New MPs To Visit Britain

New MPs To Visit Britain
Wellington, June 19 NZPA - Six new MPs will visit Britain to learn about parliamentary practice and procedure in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, Speaker Lockwood Smith said today.

Chris Ford: UK Labour Government Heading For Landslide Defeat

Today, as Gordon Brown awakes in 10 Downing Street, he must be thinking of why he took on the job of British Prime Minister just on two years ago. Brown's head must be spinning and the thought must be racing around in his mind that 'why was I so keen to do it in the first place?'

Speaker Could Rule On MPs' Expenses, Hide Says

Speaker Could Rule On MPs' Expenses, Hide Says
Wellington, June 3 NZPA - A simple ruling by Parliament's Speaker could open MPs' expenses to public scrutiny, says ACT leader Rodney Hide.

Committee To Meet To Discuss MPs Expenses

Committee To Meet To Discuss MPs Expenses
Wellington, June 3 NZPA - A special cross-party committee of MPs is expected to meet before the end of the week to discuss the transparency around the reporting of parliamentary expenses.

Chris Ford: The Week of The Pig

It's truly been a week for pigs, both of the genuine swine variety and of the human political one.

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