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Forestry fund in Australia to invest in New Zealand

Wellington, Sept 20 NZPA - A new fund in Australia has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in forests in New Zealand and Australia.

Harvard endowment fund keen on natural resources

Wellington, Sept 13 NZPA - Harvard Management Company (HMC), the manager of Harvard University's endowment and owner of plantation forest assets in New Zealand, is talking up natural resources as an area of investment in its latest report.

John Key: He Wants The Top Job, He's Sure He Can Do It

John Key: He Wants The Top Job, He's Sure He Can Do It
John Key hasn't been around politics for very long but he doesn't doubt his ability to do the top job. Peter Wilson of NZPA looks at National's unusual leader. Wellington, Oct 22 NZPA - He's new, he's different and he wants to be prime minister.

NZ Superfund Posts Negative Return

Wellington, Sept 29 NZPA - New Zealand Superannuation Fund went backwards by 4.92 percent in the year to June 30 because some of its international equity managers underperformed benchmarks and also because it built up a stake in Auckland International Airport.

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