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Kiwibank And GE Money Tie Up To Offer Personal Loans

Kiwibank And GE Money Tie Up To Offer Personal Loans
Wellington, Sept 17 NZPA - GE Money will offer Kiwibank branded loans under an agreement announced today. GE Money is the largest non-bank finance company in New Zealand. Launches RSS Feeds And Tagging

New Zealand's leading personal finance website today rolled out a major upgrade.Guide2's mission is to provide New Zealand consumers with a comprehensive window into the world of personal finance -- and part of that is making information really easy to find.

Choices For Those Hit By Mortgage Rate Rises

The offers are already being made to people facing big mortgage interest rises. "If your lender won't renegotiate, we've got deals that will lower your payments," they say. Are these deals any good?

Mortgage Diversion Well Worth It For Many Kiwi Savers

The term "mortgage diversion" will be on more and more lips as KiwiSaver gains wider adoption.

Preparing For A Possible Property Price Plunge

The volume of house sales is slowing. Houses are taking longer to sell. And some apartment prices are falling. What if house prices are next to fall? That would clearly be great news for those struggling to buy their first home.

Combining Kids And KiwiSaver

Every New Zealander under 65 will benefit from joining KiwiSaver, including newborns. But the rules - and how to make the most of them - are different for children, and many readers have questions about that. Here are a couple:

Ins And Outs Of The KiwiSaver Tax Credit

Judging by readers' questions, confusion reigns about the government's KiwiSaver tax credits, which match members' contributions up to $20 a week or $1042.86 a year.

Guide To Tax On Overseas Shares

As the new tax regime on shares in countries beyond Australasia takes effect, many taxpayers seem to think it's tougher than it really is.

Direct Share Holding Often Not The Best Way

A sentence in a recent speech by Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard caught my eye. "New Zealanders invest about twice as much in equities (shares) directly compared with managed funds," he said.

Credit Card Comparison TablesCompare Credit Cards - Independent interest rate and fees comparisons for New Zealand banks.