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Key To Consider Non Legislative Changes Re Smacking

Wellington, Aug 24 NZPA - Proposals to Cabinet today should give parents more confidence they will not be criminalised for smacking their children, Prime Minister John Key says.

Peter Wilson: John Key Faces A Testing Time

John Key's political skills will be tested on two fronts this week.

The first, and the most difficult, is whether there should be reserved seats for Maori on Auckland's new super city council.

Key Mulls Over Smacking Referendum Result

Key Mulls Over Smacking Referendum Result
Wellington, Aug 23 NZPA - Cabinet will consider the smacking referendum tomorrow and it looks likely police and welfare staff will be told not to investigate or prosecute parents who lightly smack their children.

Govt Needs To Urgently Amend Law -- `No' Campaigner

Govt Needs To Urgently Amend Law -- `No' Campaigner
Wellington, Aug 22 NZPA - The Government should urgently amend the law to allow parents the right to smack their children as part of "good care and parenting", former MP Larry Baldock says.

Child Discipline Law Opponents Gain Referendum Victory

Child Discipline Law Opponents Gain Referendum Victory
By Maggie Tait of NZPA Wellington, Aug 21 NZPA - Almost 90 percent of people who participated in a referendum asking New Zealanders whether smacking should be illegal have voted no, preliminary results show.

Antartic Operators May Have To Pay For Environmental Emergencies

Wellington, Aug 21 NZPA - Operators in Antarctica could be forced to pay for any environmental disasters they cause or find, if a new bill is passed.

Referendum Result Won't Be A Clear Mandate, MP Says

Referendum Result Won't Be A Clear Mandate, MP Says
Wellington, Aug 21 NZPA - The MP who drafted the law change that banned smacking says it will be difficult to draw conclusions from tonight's referendum result. The postal ballot closes today and the result will be announced about 8.30pm.

Labour Calls For Overhaul Of Adoption Laws

Wellington, Aug 20 NZPA - Adoption laws need an overhaul and the Law Commission should lead the debate, the Labour Party says. Justice spokeswoman Lianne Dalziel said today the Adoption Act had not been fully reviewed since 1955 and was outdated and full of anomalies.

Greens Raise Questions About Protecting Afghanistan

Wellington, Aug 20 NZPA - The Government is being challenged over its decision to send combat troops to Afghanistan as the troubled country faces criticism over its treatment of women and allegations of corruption.

Pro And Anti Smackers Slap Cash On Referendum Advertising

Wellington, Aug 19 NZPA - Both sides of the smacking debate are slapping cash on advertising but hope they have avoided breaching spending rules.

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