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Economic Development Policy

Labour Party: Plan For Responding To The Economic Downturn

The New Zealand economy is clearly facing short term challenges from the global financial turbulence. Labour will ensure that the current international crisis does not lead to a prolonged recession in New Zealand.

Labour Party: Minimum Wage Policy

An effective Labour market policy can both underpin economic growth and ensure the fruits of growth can be shared fairly.

Labour Party: Macroeconomic Environment Policy

A sustainable economy requires a supportive macroeconomic environment.

Labour Party: Productivity Policy

A successful sustainability agenda implemented effectively should assist productivity. The main elements of increasing productivity are skills and infrastructure. Skills

Labour Party: Sustainable Economy Policy

A sustainable economy will be built on the following policy foundations:

National Party: Economic Management Policy

First, National will improve productivity across the public sector by ensuring a strong focus on the provision of frontline services.

National Party: Super Fund Policy

• Amend the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001 to allow the Minister of Finance to give a direction to the Guardians of the Fund in relation to the proportion of the fund which is to be allocated to New Zealand.

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