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Bank of New Zealand

NZ Dollar In Familiar Range As Markets Wait For US Bailout

Wellington, Sept 29 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar moved in a familiar range as markets waited for United States lawmakers to finalise a deal for a $US700 ($NZ1.03 trillion) government fund to try to halt the financial crisis.

NZ Dollar Falls Away As Greenback Buoyed By Rise In US Equities

Wellington, Sept 26 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar briefly topped US69c last night, but then fell away steeply as the greenback was buoyed by strong gains on Wall Street. Early today, the kiwi briefly dipped below US68c and by 8am was buying US68.25c.

NZ Dollar Rises, US Dollar Weak

Wellington, Sept 25 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar rose today but the move was again really a United States dollar story. The US dollar slid on continued uncertainty surrounding the proposed $US700 billion ($NZ1.05 trillion) US government bailout for the ailing US financial sector.

NZ Dollar Mixed But Generally Weaker

Wellington, Sept 24 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar had a mixed session during which it gave up ground overall. The focus continues to be on the global financial story though the attention should shift to the domestic story later this week when gross domestic product figures are due.

NZ Dollar Tumbles Vs Greenback, Then Partly Recovers

Wellington, Sept 24 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar fell steeply against the greenback early today before regaining some of the lost ground.

NZ Dollar Ignores P4 News And Follows The Pack

Wellington, Sept 23 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar took its lead from global markets today, ignoring news that the United States would join New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei in the P4 trade deal. At 8am today it was buying US69.27c but by 5pm it had dropped to 68.98c.

NZ Dollar Up On Broadly Weaker Greenback, Slips Against Others

Wellington, Sept 23 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar rose to fresh three-week highs against the greenback as the US currency fell broadly, weighed down by worries about the fiscal impact of the US government's $US700 billion ($NZ1.03 trillion) bailout plan.

NZ Dollar Strengthens Broadly

Wellington, Sept 19 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar strengthened against a range of currencies overnight, peaking at a 10-day high against the greenback. From US66.46c at 5pm yesterday, the kiwi reached around US67.90c late last night, then eased to US67.49c by 8am today.

NZ Dollar Gains On US And Australian Currencies

Wellington, Sept 18 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar gained on the United States and Australian currencies overnight, against the background of a generally weaker greenback. By 8am the kiwi was buying US66.35c, having peaked around US66.85c overnight from US65.99c at 5pm yesterday.

NZ Dollar Recovers But Gives Up Some Gains

Wellington, Sept 17 NZPA - The New Zealand dollar rose today but gave up some of the gains by the close as events in the global financial crisis dominated trading. Around 5pm today the NZ dollar was buying US65.99c, having dropped to around US64.90c yesterday evening.

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