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New online checklist aims to help renters choose safer homes

Renters checking out properties on Trade Me can now get guidance on how to choose a safe and healthy home, thanks to a new ‘Renter’s Healthy Home Checklist’.

Builder welcomes relaxed policy on loan-to-value houses

New Zealand’s number one home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes, welcomes Reserve Bank’s new relaxed policy on loan-to-value houses.

Lifting LVR restrictions 'tremendous early Christmas present'

The lifting of loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions on new builds is a tremendous early Christmas present for those who housing dreams seemed shattered a couple of months ago, Mike Pero Real Estate CEO Mike Pero says.

RMBF pleased with LVR exemption

Registered Master Builders Federation is delighted with the Reserve Bank’s announcement today that the construction of new homes will be exempt from the LVR policy restrictions.

Reserve Bank exempts lending for new construction

New residential construction loans will now be exempt from the loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions introduced from 1 October, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Grant Spencer said today.

Plan 'a significant milestone' for Chch housing recovery

Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith today welcomed the release of the Land Use Recovery Plan by Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee.

Canterbury can't be left with asbestos legacy - Dyson

Labour’s Canterbury Earthquake Recovery spokesperson Ruth Dyson has renewed a call for an asbestos register in light of major concerns about future exposure.

EQC home repair programme target slips

Despite repairing more highly damaged homes than first expected, the Earthquake Commission and Fletcher EQR’s Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) will fall short of its 2013 completion target for the most damaged homes.

Tasman has highest rate of home ownership - Census

People living in the Tasman district are more likely to own their own homes than people in other parts of the country. The information was released today as part of the latest batch of 2013 Census results from Statistics New Zealand.

Southland high on home ownership but mirrors declining trend

Southland has the third-highest rate of home ownership in the country, according to the 2013 Census, and has over 2,000 more occupied homes than it did seven years ago. The information was released today as part of the latest batch of 2013 Census results from Statistics New Zealand.