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South Auckland housing now the least affordable in NZ

House prices have shot up by 16 per cent for first-home buyers in Manukau over the last year, pushing the cost of buying a house there to the highest in the country relative to incomes, says Labour’s Associate spokesperson for Auckland Louisa Wall.

Latest migration stats bad news for house prices - Twyford

New statistics showing New Zealand had its second highest net migration rate in April is evidence the Government must take action to curb the pressure on house prices and inflation, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

You're wrong John, there is a housing crisis in NZ - Greens

The National Government’s housing crisis denial will drive home ownership even further out of reach, fuelled by the Prime Minister’s staggering ignorance of the extent of the problem, the Green Party said today.

94 percent WOF failure rate 'shows test is silly'

Blogger David Farrar’s conclusion that a 94 percent failure rate shows that a proposed warrant of fitness checklist for rental properties is a silly test that should ring alarm bells is 100 percent accurate, Mike Butler of NZCPR said today.

WOF findings 'don't address housing problem'

It’s about time the World Health Organisation’s key health issues are addressed in New Zealand, says Bruce Gordon, the chief executive of home solutions company HRV.

Too little too late and nothing more - NZ First

Temporarily removing duties and tariffs on building materials for home builders is a drop in the ocean, saving only about $3,500 on a new home, says New Zealand First.

Budget figures show deepening housing crisis - Cunliffe

Treasury projections in the Budget predict worsening housing affordability and rising interest rates outstripping wage increases, underlining National’s abject failure to address the housing crisis, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe.

Cheaper Gib board 'not the solution to housing crisis'

Young people trying to get a foot in the door of a new home should be offended by National’s budget which offers a tiny discount on building materials as its only new solution to one of the most pressing issues of the day, the Green Party says.

First home buyers can just whistle - Cunliffe

This budget does nothing to address New Zealand’s acute housing crisis, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. "There is nothing here for first home buyers. "Nothing to build a single new home. "Nothing to make rentals warm and dry.

Housing WOF trial results released

The results of a nationwide rental housing "warrant of fitness" (WOF) field trial have been released. The trial is the first step in a collaborative project aimed at making rental housing safer, healthier and more energy-efficient.