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Are Classic Cars A Poor Investment?

Classic cars are a very poor investment. With the current economic turmoil, people are looking for safer investments, and some are buying up classic cars in the hope that these vehicles will gain in value. My advice is: don't.

Which Investment Should I Choose: Bank, Shares or Classic Cars?

I am a 20-year-old apprentice mechanic, a member of KiwiSaver and have a term investment of $10,000 coming due next month.

What Investment Mix Is Right For Me?

My friend has just signed up for superannuation and told me she has invested her contributions four ways - 25 per cent conservative (cash); 25 per cent moderate (cash plus fixed interest); 25 per cent balanced (shares plus cash/fixed interest); and 25 per cent shares.

What's The Best Approach To Investing In Growth Assets?

We are a couple in our mid-30s and are contemplating investing our tax cuts - about $140 per month - in a growth asset such as shares.

Should I Sell My Shares?

I've been thinking about whether it makes sense to hold on to shares and wait for the upturn, or sell now. 

Should I Stop Contributing To My Pension Fund In Tough Times?

I am 61 and in a private pension fund. Over the past two years I have lost more than I put in. Should I cease my contributions and place those in a savings account till the times get better and then put them back in the pension fund?

Should We Invest With Family?

We have a mortgage of approximately $200,000 with a bank, at approximately 7 per cent. My in-laws have money invested at a bank with interest at approximately 5 per cent.

Should I Invest In A PIE Or Term Deposits?

Say I have a personal income derived solely from New Zealand share dividends in the $40,000-$70,000 range (gross dividend total). Thirty-three per cent will already have been garnered in the form of imputation credits, so I will have been over-taxed.

New Investment Fund Targets NZ Start-Ups

New Investment Fund Targets NZ Start-Ups
Wellington, Nov 17 NZPA - A new $5 million "angel" investment fund is targeting new investors and will increase the capital available to seed and start-up companies, says the Crown-owned New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF).

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Investing In PIEs?

What are the pros and cons of this PIE investment opportunity that all the banks are advertising?

Credit Card Comparison TablesCompare Credit Cards - Independent interest rate and fees comparisons for New Zealand banks.