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I'm Moving Cities - Should I Sell Or Rent?

I'm Moving Cities - Should I Sell Or Rent?
I am moving away from Auckland to care for my mother very soon. I own a freehold property in Auckland worth $330,000.   I am renting it out through an agent, as I would prefer to stay in the housing market. I don't have a need to buy a house to live in where I am going.

Will Active Or Passive Investment Funds Produce Better Returns?

My understanding is that over the long term, passive funds do better than the average of active funds. Is that right?

At least $15m thought to be missing in firm's collapse

At least $15m thought to be missing in firm's collapse
Wellington, March 12 NZPA - Investigators looking into the collapse of an Auckland financial advisory firm believe at least $15 million is missing. They have widened their investigation to include other businesses linked to Remuera couple Mike and Jackie Bradley.

Will I Get Better Investment Advice From Advisers Who Charge Fees?

While I am sure many consumers will welcome your proposed list, I think it should be made clear that just because an adviser charges a fee rather than receiving remuneration by some other means, that is no guarantee the advice will be sound and appropriate.

What Type Of Investment Will Work Best For Me?

What investment style is best for me - conservative, growth, or balanced?

Seeking Investment Advice: What's Better, Commission Or Fees?

So you think if financial advisers charge fees that will solve everything. I have spoken to several advisers that have moved to fees only. They have all sacked their smaller clients.

How Risky Are Perpetual Preference Shares?

ASB, Origin Energy and Rabobank perpetual preference shares with annual interest resets seem to be a risky investment.   I feel this was unclear in the original prospectuses.

Are Preference Shares A Good Investment?

When I retired in 2003, I went to the ASB for advice as to what to do with $250,000 proceeds from selling a business. An ASB investment adviser, who was a salaried employee who received incentives according to sales made, recommended ASB preference shares, and that is where I put it.

When Can I Expect The Value Of My Preference Shares To Rise?

I have always considered preference shares had two attributes compared to ordinary shares in that they have more assured dividends and should be less volatile.

Ban Commissioned Advisers - Fast Track Kiwisaver Regulation

Ban Commissioned Advisers - Fast Track Kiwisaver Regulation
Consumer New Zealand's recent analysis of financial advisors is further evidence that commissioned salespeople must be prevented from providing financial advice, according to investment manager and commentator Dr Gareth Morgan.

Credit Card Comparison TablesCompare Credit Cards - Independent interest rate and fees comparisons for New Zealand banks.