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Managing Money

Guide To Asset Gifting

Gifting Most people who form trusts gift away the debt that the trust owes them.

How To Create A Trust

There are three parties involved in the formation of a trust:  

A Girl’s Guide To Smart Shopping (And Saving Money!)

We all love to get out there and spend our hard earned money on things we deserve, like a pair of Manolos or that cute little swing jacket.

A Girl's Guide To Breaking Bad Money Habits

Shopping, it’s a favourite pastime of many New Zealand women, yours truly included. Many of us find it difficult to walk past our favourite store without checking out those gorgeous shoes in the window, or that sexy sweater that would look great on our man.

Could I Cut Costs By Renting Out My House?

I am a female, 61 years old with three jobs trying to keep my head above water. I'm thinking how ludicrous this is at my age.

Guide To Teaching Kids About Money

More than ever before, it pays to teach kids the principles and skills they need to manage their money in the future. But you don’t have to be an expert yourself to get your kids started. All you need is the time it takes to introduce them to the ideas involved.

Guide To Bank Fees

For many savers, using ordinary bank accounts is a convenient, low cost way of building up financial assets. Banks charge fees but, for smaller savers, they are likely to be less than the fees charged on other savings and investment products.

Guide To The Power Of Compound Interest

If there's any magic in saving, this is it - the power of compound interest. When you're saving, the bank (or financial institution) adds interest to your savings at regular intervals (for example, every month). If you don't touch the interest,

Guide To Income

How much you spend isn’t the only important part of your budget. How much you earn (your income) also has a big impact on whether you can create a surplus to put towards saving or paying off debt.

Setting Your Goals

Goal setting is an attitude to life. It puts you in charge. As you go through the process of getting financially fit, you'll find that goals pop up everywhere. Big, long term goals are where you want to end up. Smaller, short term goals are the steps that help you get there.

Credit Card Comparison TablesCompare Credit Cards - Independent interest rate and fees comparisons for New Zealand banks.