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Managing Money

The Before Story – How I Was Feeling

The Before Story – How I Was Feeling
Until a couple of months ago I was freaked out and stressed about my finances and had been for many years. Check out my background story for the sorry details of why.

Why Updating Your Net Worth Matters

I went along to watch Lisa Dudson and Keith Mason speak at a seminar on Saturday and definitely got a lot out of it. One of my insights came from Lisa challenging the audience about who actually knew their current net worth. She estimated only one or two people in the room would.

Time To Move To Australia?

Time To Move To Australia?
I wonder if anyone else is facing the same dilemma. I am 31, a technical manager, and earn around $90,000 a year. If I was to move to Australia, my income would be at least $130,000.   In the past the only reasons I have stayed in New Zealand are:  

Is Health Insurance Worthwhile?

My wife and I are 68 and 66 respectively, happily retired and financially secure. We are both in good health, though both have had hip replacements in recent years.

How Does The Student Loan Repayment Bonus Scheme Work?

Could you please explain the new student loan repayment bonus scheme?

50 Tips For Grocery Shopping

50 Tips For Grocery Shopping
As you might already know, I've got a big family — the wife and I plus six rugrats. Plus a cat and a dog. We can go through an awful lot of food. Groceries (along with the rent and car and gas) are one of our biggest expenses.

Why Did NZ Super Not Increase When Tax Rates Dropped?

I wonder if you can tell me why the rate of NZ Superannuation did not increase last October 1 when income tax rates went down. People receiving NZ Super did get an increase in the hand as their tax rate went down.

When Should I Exchange My NZ dollars To Euros?

I'm heading over to France for a month in June. I am wondering when I should exchange my money? If anyone has any clues about whether it will do better or worse at all in the near future, that would be great.

When's The Best Time To Exchange Kiwi Dollars?

We are going to Aussie for a week and need to exchange some cash to take. Should we do this before or after the reserve banks announcement this Thursday?

A Budget You Can Live With

For most people, the budget process has always been simple: Step 1:  Locate hammer. Step 2:  Smash hammer into head until unconscious. Step 3:  Wake up and go spend money how you please.

Credit Card Comparison TablesCompare Credit Cards - Independent interest rate and fees comparisons for New Zealand banks.