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CTU: Low inflation - time for meaningful wage increases

With inflation low, now is a good time for workers to negotiate for pay increases that outstrip price rises and deliver real increases in wages and salaries.

Labour costs rise 1.8 percent

Labour costs rose 1.8 percent in the year to the June 2014 quarter, with the non-wage component rising 2.0 percent, Statistics New Zealand said today.

Public services held back by poor workplace culture - report

A new report by Victoria University’s Centre for Labour, Employment and Work shows that public servants are working significant unpaid overtime to ensure the public services New Zealanders value are able to continue.

Why a living wage makes sense for employers

By Professor Jim Arrowsmith Now that the election dust has settled, Prime Minister John Key needs to think about his legacy. If he wants to be remembered for more than securing successive election victories, he needs to direct his attention to the pressing issues of the day.

NZ research supports global shift in workforce

Research undertaken on behalf of WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds supports the global trend of more people working multiple jobs and adjusting to this ‘insecurity.’ "We’ve been watching this trend with interest and wanted to know more," says Cilla Hegarty, CEO WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds.

Strong interest in new Bay contact centre

When Kiwibank opened its recruitment campaign for the first batch of Hastings-based regional office roles this week, there were over 600 possible candidates primed to apply.

Retail union celebrates reinstatement of worker

The retail union is celebrating the successful reinstatement of one of its members after the Employment Court found The Warehouse badly handled a letter from what the Court described as an "an irate customer whose mood had gone beyond irrationality."

Pink Batts manufacturer to cut Chch jobs - EPMU

29 roles are to be cut at the Christchurch manufacturing facility of Tasman Insulation, the company which manufacturers the iconic Pink Batts brand of products.

40 more jobs lost to cheap imports - EPMU

Another New Zealand manufacturer is closing its doors, giving the lie to the idea that we have a "rock star" economy or any strategy for jobs growth.

Agriculture, forestry, and fishery workers at highest risk of injury

Just under one-quarter of agriculture, forestry, and fishery workers had a work-related injury claim accepted by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in 2013, Statistics New Zealand said today.