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Credit cards issued by this institution

BNZ has been helping people, farmers and businesses with their finances for close to 150 years. Over that time, as the needs and expectations of New Zealanders have changed, we've responded and led with innovative new services and a willingness to evolve the way we approach things.

Today, we're a strong, reliable bank with a determination to empower the lives of our customers. With BNZ, you can expect:

* positive, flexible and efficient service

* access to a network of specialist expertise

* ongoing innovation, so you'll continue to be better off.

Card nameCard typePurchase rateCash Adv. RateApply
BNZ Platinum VisaCredit15.95%15.95%
BNZ Classic Everyday MasterCardCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ Gold Everyday MasterCardCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus Gold MasterCardCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ All Blacks MasterCardCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ Classic Everyday American ExpressCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ Gold Everyday American ExpressCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus American ExpressCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ Lite VisaCredit13.25%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus VisaCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus Gold American ExpressCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ Gold Everyday VisaCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus Gold VisaCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus MasterCardCredit19.95%22.2%
BNZ GlobalPlus Platinum VisaCredit15.45%15.45%
BNZ Classic Everyday VisaCredit19.95%22.2%

Credit Card Comparison TablesCompare Credit Cards - Independent interest rate and fees comparisons for New Zealand banks.

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